Learn more about our FREE credit card rewards program where your points can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, or travel.

SF Fire Credit Union Platinum Visa Credit Card

Extra Awards™ rewards you for purchases made with your SF Fire Credit Union Visa Credit Card. For every dollar you spend, you earn one Extra Awards point that can be used for:

Cash Back Awards Option

Your Extra Awards Points can be redeemed for cash!

  • Equals 1% of your Credit Card purchases
  • Can be redeemed with as little as 2,500 points
  • Cash Back Awards can be deposited into your SF Fire Credit Union Checking or Savings account, or applied towards your SF Fire Credit Union Visa.

Gift Card Awards Option

Your Extra Awards points can be turned into gift cards that can be spent directly at hundreds of participating merchants!

  • Equals 1% of your Credit Card purchases.
  • Hundreds of retailers, restaurants, and e-tailers such as, Coach, Macy’s, Pottery Barn and more.
Points Cash Award Gift Card
2,500 $25 $25
3,500 $35 $35
5,000 $50 $50
7,500 $75 $75
10,000 $100 $100
15,000 $150 $150
25,000 $250 $250
35,000 $350 $350
50,000 $500 $500
75,000 $750 $750
100,000 $1,000 $1,000
200,000 $2,000 $2,000
350,000 $3,500 $3,500

Flex Pass Travel Awards Option

Since your purchases earn Extra Awards points and not air miles, you can travel on most major airlines, and without any restrictions!

  • No blackout periods.
  • No 21-day advance booking requirement.
  • No Saturday night stay required.
  • Applies a credit towards the price of your airline ticket.
  • If the cost of your desired ticket is more than the Flex Pass Award, you simply pay the difference.
  • Airline tickets must be purchased through the award program’s travel agency
  • One Flex Pass Travel Award is available per airline ticket.
Points Travel Discount
9,000 $100
14,000 $150
18,000 $200
23,000 $250
30,000 $325
36,000 $400
54,000 $600
68,000 $750
80,000 $900
165,000 $2,000
250,000 $3,000

How to Access Your Extra Awards

You can access your Extra Awards Points through a tool in Online Banking from your computer or a mobile browser. The tool is not yet available for the Mobile Banking Application.

You may need to add the Extra Awards tool to your Dashboard. You can do this through Settings and the Widget tab, or by clicking on More Options/Widget Options through the list of tools on your Dashboard (your home page in Online Banking). Once you add the Extra Awards tool to your list of active widgets, you can also mark it as one of your Favorites to have it appear automatically on your Dashboard.

Once active, the Extra Awards tool will take you to the Extra Awards company’s web site, where you can view your point totals and place an order. Please note: when you open the Extra Awards tool, you will be shown a page referencing your member number. If you have more than one membership, this does not default to the member number actually linked to your Visa. Please use the drop down menu to select the account linked to your Visa. If not, you will get an error message that the information cannot be accessed.

You can call the Extra Awards Customer Service Line, Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time, at 1(877) 909-1450.