Below is a compiled list of everything you’ll need upon the loss of a loved one. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us directly.

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Survivor Benefits for Retired SFFD Members

Note: You will need at least 20 certified copies of the death certificate to service the various Banks, Credit Unions, and State and Federal Govt. entities that require the appropriate verification of demise. Best to order through the Funeral Director who handles the burial quickest. Some Funeral Directors notify certain agencies upon retention of services and save the survivors a lot of work. Some of the agencies require marriage licenses also. Keep notes with date, time of contact, and who you spoke with. A lot of agencies, upon receipt of paperwork will simply make a copy and return paperwork to you.

1. SF Fire Credit Union, 3201 California St, SF, 94118-1903
415-674-4800/ 888-499-FIRE (3473)
You’ll need a certified copy of the DC for any applicable saving insurance, to remove the deceased name from any joint accounts, etc.

2. San Francisco Employees Retirement System, 1145 Market Street, 5th Floor, SF, CA 94103
(415) 487-7000 / (888) 849-0777
Need Certified copy of DC and marriage license on file, particularly if remarried, to change retirement check amounts and modify acct. parameters. Be sure and ask any questions and get your questions answered. Keep notes. Survivor benefits depend on type of retirement and parameters thereof.

3. San Francisco Health Service System, 1145 Market St, SF, CA 94103, (415) 554-1725

4. Retired Firemen and Widows Association, PO Box 12312, SF 94112, Contact Tim O’Brien (650) 593-3420

5. SF Retired City Employees, 3915 Irving St, SF, CA 94122, (415) 681-5949

6. Social Security Administration Survivor’s Benefits (if applicable)
Online at or (800) 772-1213 or look in phone book or website for nearest local office.
Need certified copy of DC, copy of marriage license and paid funeral bill. Call for appointment and be sure and bring all necessary paperwork. Keep notes.

7. SF Firefighter’s Union Local 798, 1139 Mission St, SF, CA, 94103, (415) 621-7103
Call and inform of the retired member’s demise. They are extremely helpful in negotiating the proper steps in the process of getting accounts straightened out and in the proper survivor’s name.

8. California Deptartment of Motor Vehicles / Local DMV Office
Need certified copy of DC. Best to make an appointment to take decedent’s name off all registrations and pink slips.

9. Insurance companies, as applicable.
Certified copy of DC for each company. Change insurance requirements and in most cases the total driving mileage for the policy year will diminish and you can experience a savings on premiums.

10. Investment and Stock Brokers
As indicated, any financial institution that has an IRA or account in the decedent’s name will need a certified copy of DC.

11. Family Attorney & Tax Advisor
Attend to any needed changes to wills, estates, etc. Surviving spouse and family need to align surviving estate so as to negate future difficulty.

12. Mortgage Loans on Residences / Cal-Vet Loans
Institutions need to be notified with certified copy of DC so as to be in compliance w/ applicable laws.

13. Any fraternal organizations (i.e. Elks, Moose, Eagles, Foresters, etc)

14. US Veteran’s Administration website or local office of Veteran Affairs, if decedent was a veteran is a site on the main webpage for benefits and survivors. Again, you will need a certified copy of the DC and a copy of your marriage license. If the decedent was on disability as a result of a federal related injury, proof of disability w/b needed.

15. County Assessor’s Office
Certified copy of DC needed to change owner’s name on any property located within the county plus marriage license, etc.

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Survivor Benefits for Retired SFFD Members