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Member Resources

Did you ever wake up at 1 AM worrying about retirement planning or how to budget for a major purchase? We’re here to help, even in the middle of the night. You can learn about these and other financial topics from the convenience of your home (or even your bed) thanks to our new Financial Education Center.

What’s the Financial Education Center?

The Financial Education Center is basically a library for financial literacy, where you can learn what you want to learn about a wide range of financial topics, from checking account basics to first auto loans to home ownership, whenever you want to. There are four main categories, or ‘playlists’:

Banking & Credit Basics
Retirement & Investment Planning
Getting Out of Debt

Each playlist is split into easily digested modules that average 3-7 minutes in length. There are also calculators you can use to help with your financial planning.

Who Can Use It?

Literally anyone! Whether you’re an existing member, or a potential member just checking out our website, you’re welcome to take as many or as few of the modules as you want. While you have the option to log in (with a Facebook account, a Google account, or any email address), you don’t have to. Logging in allows you to save and track your progress through various playlists, but it’s not required.

Sounds Great! How Do I Get Started?

You’ll find some links to specific modules scattered throughout our site on relevant articles, but you can also access the full list of options at the Financial Education Center using this link.