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FICO® Scores Overview


To add the FICO® Score feature, you’ll need to find it in the list of available widgets and click “activate.” You’ll also have the option to click the star icon to make it a favorite – one of the top five tools that displays when you log in. You have two options for reaching the list of available widgets:

◾From the dashboard, go to the bottom of the column displaying your active tools and click on More Options. This extends a display of more tools; from here, click on Widget Options.
◾Click on your profile name and icon in the upper right-hand corner to open a menu. Choose Settings, and then click on the Widgets tab.


Once you’ve added it, you’ll find this icon in your list of active widgets:

SF Fire CU FICO Score Icon

Clicking on the FICO® Score feature opens a page that shows your FICO® Score, the date of the pull that generated the FICO® Score, and the top two factors that influenced the FICO® Score. Note: checking your score will not impact it.

The first time you open this feature, you will need to review a disclosure and opt-in to the program before you will be able to view your FICO® Score. You will be able to opt-out at any time, with the option to opt-in again in the future.


(Image is a sample from Mobile Banking, but information is the same as you would see in Online Banking)

Display of Sample FICO Information for Mobile Banking