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Member Perks

Identity Theft Victim Resolution

Members are offered free resolution services that assist with recovery from every aspect of identity theft and help protect from recurring fraud.

If you become a victim of identity theft:

Call SF Fire Credit Union at (888) 499-FIRE (3473) during Contact Center hours to be referred to a case specialist. If calling after hours, enter extension #5, and then extension #3 to be connected.

FREE Elite Victim Resolution Services

In order to help resolve the many issues that having your identity stolen can cause, SF Fire Credit Union has partnered with Identity Fraud, Inc. to provide all of our members with free Victim Resolution Services.

Victim Resolution Services Provides:

  • Two case specialists that work on your case – from beginning to end
  • Actions to stop fraud – contact creditors and credit bureaus, close affected accounts and help open new replacement accounts
  • Assistance establishing fraud alerts with the 3 major credit reporting agencies
  • Web-based access to monitor the progress of your case
  • Preparation of Supplemental Police Reports
  • Two-Year follow up on your case to ensure complete case resolution and that no further fraud taken place

Here Are the Details

Case Specialists

Each victim is provided one primary and one secondary specialist that will work on your fraud crisis, from beginning to end, from simple to complex.

Action to Stop Fraud

Your specialists immediately identify and contact creditors, credit bureaus, financial institutions, government agencies, and related third parties to signal your victim status, close affected accounts and help open new legitimate replacement accounts.

Verbal and Written Credit Bureau Fraud Alerts

Your specialists provide assistance in establishing fraud alerts with the three major credit bureaus, both short-term verbal and longer term alerts via written documentation.

Case File Creation and Monitoring

A specific resolution case file and road map to address your crisis is created. After resolution gets under way, you may monitor your case via Identity Fraud Inc’s secure website for greater oversight, control and peace of mind.

Fraud Affidavit

Your specialists will incorporate relevant details and facts into customized communications to each affected creditor or institution.

Supplemental Police Report

Your case specialists prepare a proprietary supplemental police report to save time and ensure your police report contains the relevant details for effective resolution.

Two Year Case Follow-Up

Helps to ensure resolution is complete and also uncover recurring fraud that may have struck again.