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How can I access the funds in my HELOC?

Your HELOC with SF Fire Credit Union is easy to access through Online & Mobile Banking. The Transfer tool will let you choose the line of credit as a source account to transfer into your checking or savings account with us. You will need to advance to a deposit account with us before transferring to another institution.

And of course, we’re always happy to help you advance funds in the branch or when you call or chat with the Contact Center (1.888.499.FIRE (3473) or www.sffirecu.org).

What’s the interest rate for my HELOC?

Your HELOC with SF Fire Credit Union has a variable interest rate based on the US Prime Rate as set by the Federal Reserve, plus an adjustment based on your credit-worthiness. Rates adjust on a quarterly basis. In general, the interest rate for a HELOC will be lower than the interest rate for a personal loan or a credit card.

How are the monthly payments calculated on my HELOC?

Your monthly minimum payments for your HELOC with SF Fire Credit Union are interest-only; they only need to cover the interest that accrued on the loan based on your interest rate and outstanding balance during the just-closed billing cycle. You can always make additional payments to pay down a principal balance.