By using the CSFA Platinum Visa card you are giving back to the California State Firefighters’ Association and the programs they provide you and other firefighters and their families across the state.

CSFA Platinum Visa

Our credit cards are now EMV chip-enabled. (If you are an existing cardholder and have not received your new card, you can expect to receive it soon.) EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa. This has become the global standard for cards, and offers a more secure transaction.

New Chip-Enabled Credit Cards

Our new credit cards now feature a microchip in addition to the magnetic stripe that is currently used by merchants when you perform transactions at terminals. The microchip technology will improve the security and global usability of your card.

How They Work

Chip-enabled cards contain encrypted information that make it difficult for the card to be counterfeited. At merchants using chip card terminals, the card and terminal work together to add an additional layer of security to the transaction. Please take a look at the following video for a great explanation of how chip cards work:

We’ve prepared a list of frequently asked questions about our new chip-enabled cards. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, simply contact us via Web Chat, by phone, or at one of our branches!


Will my new chip card still feature a magnetic stripe for use where there are no chip-reading terminals?

Yes, your new card will feature both a chip and a magnetic stripe. If you use it with a merchant that’s not chip-enabled, it will be able to work just as it does today as a “swipe” transaction using the magnetic stripe.

Will my new chip credit card be a “contactless" card?

While our card will feature chip technology, it does not have contactless capabilities.

Could someone steal my credit card information just by walking past me with a special electronic device?

No. The chip only works with physical contact to a chip reader, and there are additional layers of security and encryption that make chip cards a more secure solution than traditional magnetic stripe cards.

How do I know if the terminal at a merchant is a chip card terminal?

At the bottom of the card processing terminal, there will be a slot where you would insert your chip card. If the terminal is chip-enabled, the merchant will use on-screen prompts to ask that you process payment through the chip reader.

When I use my chip card abroad for purchases will I be asked to provide a PIN?

If your current credit card features a PIN for cash advances, your new card will have the same PIN.

Can the chip-enabled card be used at unattended fuel pumps and automated ticket kiosks abroad?

Yes, as long as the terminal supports online PIN verification or, alternatively, is set up to accept transactions without a Customer Verification Method like a PIN.

Will it be possible to change the PIN used for chip-and-PIN transactions in branch or by phone?

Yes. You will be able to change the PIN for your credit card by calling us or visiting a branch location, just as we allow today.