It is never too early to start saving for your child’s college education costs with a Coverdell Savings account.


It’s never too early to begin contributing to your son’s, daughter’s or relative’s college fund. Start now with a Coverdell Educational Savings account.

Key Features
No minimum deposit to open
$2,000 annual contribution per child under age 18*
Account grows tax-free
Funds are insured by ASI (up to $250,000)

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Please reach out to our Contact Center to set up your Educational Savings Account. The forms that you’ll need as part of the process are available in our website’s HSA, ESA and IRA Form Section.

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*Contribution limits may apply according to contributor’s modified adjusted gross income (AGI). Your limit may vary. Consult IRS Publication 590 (Coverdell Education Savings Account) or a tax professional for details.