How do you envision your retirement? Let us know what it’s like and we’ll help you choose between a Traditional, Roth and Educational Individual Retirement Account.


With a Traditional IRA, you make contributions with money you may be able to deduct on your tax return. Any earnings potentially grow tax-deferred until you withdraw them in retirement.

Contribution limits* for 2016 are as follows:

  • Age 49 and under: $5,500
  • Age 50 and above: $5,500 + $1,000 catch-up
Key Features
Eligibility for opening, must be younger than 70 1/2
Tax-free contributions
Any earnings from federal income tax-deferred
Penalty-free withdrawals for first time home purchases and certain college expenses
No taxes until withdrawal
Required to begin taking distributions at age 70 1/2

Open a Traditional IRA by Completing an Application

1 *Contribution limits based on modified annual gross income (modified AGI). Refer to IRS Publication 590 for details.

2 *The tax return filing deadline for 2015 is April 15. Refer to IRS Publication 590 for details.