At SF Fire Credit Union we work hard to provide relevant products at rates that are fair with low-to-no fees.

Fee Schedule

Membership Fee

Fee Description Amount
Membership (non-refundable) $5.00

ATM & Debit Fees

Fee Description Amount
Use of SF Fire Credit Union ATMs No Fee
Use of CO-OP Network ATMs No Fee and No ATM Surcharges
ATM Surcharge Rebates (Effective June 1st, 2018) Up to 12 Per Month, Up to $4 Per Rebate
Use of ‘Out-of-Network’ ATMs (Effective June 1st, 2018) No Fee and Up to 12 Surcharge Rebates Per Month
Point of Sale (POS) Transactions & Cash-Back at Retailers No Fee
Foreign Currency Exchange No Fee
Replacement Card $5.00
Copy of Debit Card Transaction Slip $5.00
ATM Deposit Adjustment Fee $10.00

Checking Fees

Fee Description Amount
Checking Account No Monthly Fee
Check Orders Price Based on Style
Temporary Checks $2.00 per set of 12
Deposits per month up to 10 No Fee
Deposits per month over 10 $2.00 per deposit
Items per Deposit up to 25 No Fee
Items per Deposit over 25 $0.10 per item
Paid Items Per Month up to 200 No Fee
Paid Items Per Month Over 200 $0.20 per item

Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees

Fee Description Amount
Returned ACH Item $25.00
Returned Check Item $25.00
Paid NSF ACH Item $25.00
Paid NSF Check Item $25.00
Paid NSF Debit Card Transaction (Opt-In Required) $25.00

Stop Payment Fees

Fee Description Amount
Check (Effective March 1st, 2017) $15.00
ACH Payment $15.00
Cashier Check $15.00
Official Check Replacement $15.00
Stop Payment or Replacement Cancellation $15.00

Returned Item Fees

Fee Description Amount
Returned Deposit or Loan Payment $15.00

General Fees

Fee Description Amount
Account Research/Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
Official Check No Fee
Collection Item/Foreign Item $15.00 + Cost
Express Mail/Rush/Overnight Fee (Domestic) $15.00
Express Mail/Rush/Overnight Fee (International) Price Based on Destination
Visa Gift Card $2.00
Inactive Account Fee (After one year of inactivity, if the aggregate deposit balance is $500 or less) $3.00 per month
IRS Levy/Withholding/Judgement/Legal Order Processing $50.00 per notice
Money Order No Fee
Notary Service (Members) No Fee
Notary Service (Non-Members) $10.00 per signature
Signature Guarantee (Medallion Stamp) No Fee

Wire Transfer Fees

Fee Description Amount
Domestic (Incoming & Outgoing) $15.00
International (Incoming) $15.00
International (Outgoing) $60.00
Wire Amendment Fee $25.00

Certificate of Deposit Fees

Fee Description Amount
Withdrawal Term less than 1 year 45-Days Dividends
Withdrawal Term of 1 Year or Greater 180-Days Dividends (Effective on March 1st, 2017)

Credit Card Fees

Fee Description Amount
Cash Advance No Fee
Balance Transfer No Fee
Foreign Currency Exchange No Fee
Late Payment $15.00
Over Credit Limit No Fee
Copy of Credit Card Transaction Slip $5.00
Authorized User Card $5.00
Replacement Card $5.00

Fee Schedule – Business- PDF