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Dispute Forms

Download the form you desire by clicking the links below, then return by:

  • Bringing completed form into any Branch
  • Faxing it to our Contact Center at (415) 674-4691.
  • Or mailing it to:

SF Fire Credit Union
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Dispute: a Transaction from a Merchant or ATM
Common scenarios include: transactions misposted by a merchant or at an ATM, goods or services you purchased but never received, and duplicate charges to your account.

Stop Payment: Cashiers Check
Complete this form to stop the payment of a cashier’s check drawn on your account in the event the check is lost.

Stop Payment: Share Draft
Complete this form to stop the payment of a check that you wrote. (You can also login to Online or Mobile Banking to place a stop payment on a check.

Stop Payment: ACH (Electronic Funds Transfer) Transaction
Complete this form to stop an ACH (Electronic Funds Transfer) transaction on your account.

Report: A Forgery
Use this form to report a forgery, such as a check or loan document created in your name without your knowledge. The form also includes a listing of checks that you would like to have clear, if applicable.

Report: the Fraudulent Use of your Debit or Credit Card
Use this form to report the fraudulent use of your debit or credit card.

Report: an Unauthorized ACH (Electronic Funds Transfer) Transaction