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Understanding the Surcharge-Free CO-OP ATM Network

At the beginning of 2017, the Credit Union reviewed its fee schedule to ensure that services continued to offer value to members, while at the same time providing enough revenue to cover increasing operating expenses. As a result, a few fees were changed on March 1st, 2017. The most notable changes related to ATM usage:

  • The number of monthly ATM rebates was reduced from twelve to six
  • The number of free ‘out-of-network’ (Non Credit Union CO-OP™ Network ATMs) transactions was limited to six per month
  • After six free ‘out-of-network’ ATM fees, a $2.00 fee on each transaction performed thereafter

With over 30,000 surcharge-free, ‘in-network’ ATMs in the Credit Union CO-OP Network and easy-to-use ATM locator tools available, we’re confident the majority of our members will continue to have easy access to cash at minimal or no cost.


Surcharge-Free CO-OP Network ATMs & Free Cash-Back at Retailers


Locating a Surcharge-Free CO-OP Network ATM

You can locate a Surcharge-Free CO-OP Network ATM on our website:
1. Visit www.sffirecu.org.
2. Click on the red “FIND A BRANCH OR ATM” button under the section which lists our Contact Center and Branch Hours.
2. Enter your location in the search bar or simply click on the “Surcharge-Free ATMs” tab to get a list of available ATM locations.

Locate a Surcharge-Free CO-OP Network ATM using our free Mobile App:
(on an Apple iPhone or Google/Android phone)
1. Launch our mobile app on your tablet or smartphone.
2. On the log-in screen, touch/tap the "Locations” icon.
3. A map will appear which allows you to enter an address or zip code.