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Notify us of Your Holiday Travel Plans

We work diligently to protect our members from fraud. Before traveling this winter, remember that notifying SF Fire Credit Union of the places you’ll visit and the dates you’ll be there can help avoid our blocking of debit or credit card transactions that may appear unusual.

What AreTravel Notifications?

Travel Notifications are alerts for your credit or debit cards that detail when and where you are traveling.

Why Should You Load A Travel Notification?

Our fraud analysts monitor our members’ accounts for activity that suggests fraud. If there is an unusual charge – such as a meal in Paris when you live in San Francisco – our analysts may restrict activity on your card. Travel Notifications give the analysts the information they need to recognize such activity as valid.

If your card happens to be restricted, here are the direct numbers you can use to reach our security departments to confirm activity as valid or fraudulent:

  • Debit Card (when traveling domestically): 1.888.241.2440
  • Debit Card (when traveling internationally): call collect at 909.941.1034
  • Credit Card (when traveling domestically): 1.800.411.8498
  • Credit Card (when traveling internationally): call collect at 206.352.3516

How Do You Load A Travel Notification?

For your convenience, Travel Notifications can be submitted at any time through Online Banking or Mobile Banking using a Secured Messaging Request. Choose the Travel Notification Subject, and then provide all your travel details: dates of travel, destination(s), card number (s) and contact information for you while traveling.

Please allow 1-2 business days for processing of these requests.

You may also submit a Travel Notification directly with our Contact Center Representatives during business hours (7 am to 8 pm, Monday through Saturday) by phone at 888.499.FIRE (3473) or live chat at www.sffirecu.org, or with our Branch Representatives when you visit us. We recommend loading Travel Notifications at least 1-2 business days prior to your departure.