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Message from Kathy

And just like that, we’ve flown through the holidays and into a new year. I hope that you have all enjoyed a relaxing holiday season with family and friends.

In looking back at 2018, I see a year that has been a challenging journey for our credit union. We have invested time, energy, and resources in updating our online platform and internal processes, significantly expanded our Contact Center, and worked to improve our member service.

While I wish I could say we have achieved all we set out to accomplish, the truth is we aren’t quite there yet. Some of the improvements we promised you haven’t yet happened. And some of the long-term changes we have been focused on have produced unexpected short-term service problems for our members.

You deserve, and should expect, excellent service from your credit union every day on the phone, online, and in person. I’ll be the first to admit that hasn’t always been the case over the past year.
But I am proud of the progress and resilience I have seen from our team.

Your credit union is evolving for the better every single day. The seeds we have planted in 2018 with internal changes and new approaches will blossom in 2019, bringing you a credit union with stronger service, better products, and the long-term security to maintain our tradition of member and community service.

I have also been inspired by the support we have seen from our members over the course of the year. You have demonstrated your commitment to this credit union time and again, from our annual meeting in February, through a summer of firehouse visits and activities, to joining us in supporting the SF Firefighter Toy Program during the holidays.

In short, our credit union is financially sound, our membership is dedicated, and our team is stronger than ever.

The stage is set for a great year. I look forward to sharing it with you.

Kathy Duvall
President and CEO