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Getting Ready: What to Do Before the New Online & Mobile Banking System Launches

Getting Ready: What to Do Before the New Online & Mobile Banking System Launches  

For a smooth transition, we’re asking members to take a few steps to prepare for the new system.  

Review Account Ownership Details for Accuracy

In the new system, joint owners will have a separate and unique log-in. When they sign in for the first time, they will have immediate access to view and transact on your deposit accounts where they are named as joint owners – and only on the accounts where they are named as joint owners.

For example: if you have a joint owner named on your checking account but not your savings account, they will be able to view and transact on the checking account only. 

Please review the current joint owners on each of your deposit accounts.  Joint owners for each separate deposit account on a given membership can be verified within the current Online (Desktop) Banking.  Click on Records & Information in the left navigation panel, and select Joint Ownership as in the example below:


Joint owners are also listed at the end of the transaction history for each deposit account on the membership’s monthly statements as in the example below:

If you need to add an existing joint owner to additional deposit accounts on the membership, you can call us or contact us by live chat during normal business hours to make this change. If you need to make any other corrections on any of your deposit accounts, whether to add or subtract someone as a joint owner, you’ll need to complete and submit the appropriate Account Ownership Review form. These forms as well as instructions on how to submit them can be found by visiting:

This process and the referenced forms only apply to deposit accounts. To make any changes on your loans, please visit our branch, or request assistance from the Contact Center by phone (888.499.3473 or 415.674.4800) or chat during normal business hours.

Update Your Contact Information

Ensuring that the credit union has your current information is important for several reasons:

  • Registration for the new Online Banking system requires a valid contact email address for all existing and new members.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication options include one-time security codes sent via email or text message.

  • Updates regarding the Online & Mobile Banking Conversion will be highlighted in the “E-News” which accompanies the notification which is emailed to members registered for e-Statements (paperless statements) to alert them that their statement is available for viewing.

You can update the email addresses for yourself through the current Online Banking. Click on Profile & Security in the left navigation panel, and select Change Email.

Change Email Window