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New Online & Mobile Banking

New FAQ Topic – Finding and Managing Account Information within Online Banking – Updated April 24th

As members are getting familiar with our new Online & Mobile Banking system, we’ve had a lot of questions about where to find and manage account information. Here are a few quick tips to help you navigate the new system:

Where do I find the Routing Number?

How do I find my investment account information?

How do I categorize my transactions?

How can I add a transaction category?

What browsers are supported by Online Banking?

Additional FAQs


I can’t see my payees and scheduled payments. Can I recover the information?

How can I tell if my Bill Pay transaction went through?

Converted Payees are not displaying a payment address. How can I confirm everything is current?

What’s the difference between deactivating and deleting payees?


What are eBills?

Is this different than electronic bill payments?

How does it work?

Is this similar to how sites like pull your bank account data?

Why do some of my payees say they are not eligible for eBills?


I can’t see my Track Spending and Budget information from the old system. How can I recover this information?


How do I make a payment to a Visa or loan?

How can I send money to someone at another bank?


How do I see my Extra Awards points?


I can’t seem to view my e-Statements. It says none are available.

Shared Access

I see another member of the Credit Union listed as having Shared Access. I did not send them an invitation. Do they have access to my accounts?

Mobile Deposit

I’ve been getting an error using Mobile Deposit with a joint account or a business account. How do I fix this?

Third-Party Applications

How do I start a manual download of transaction history for Quicken or Quickbooks?

How do I choose a specific date range of transactions to download?

Account Information

How do I find my checking account number?