We’ve held strong to the roots that started SF Fire Credit Union at old 17 Engine on Jessie St. Since 1951, we’ve worked diligently to uphold our legacy of providing excellent rates, products and experiences to the members we exist to serve.

About Us


Our Mission Statement

Built by San Francisco Firefighters and committed to the financial safety and security of our community.

Our Vision Statement

To empower members to accomplish their dreams and build lasting financial security.

When SF Fire Credit Union first opened its doors in 1951, it was from a modest 10′ × 15′ office space in 17 Engine. It was from those humble beginnings—where everyone pitched in to loan each other money—that the organization forged its way of business forever.

Today we continue to pursue those same ideas and principles. The resulting value for our membership has been a shared level of trust, continuous innovations to products and services, competitive rates, and excellent member service. We believe this unique quality fosters a true sense of member-ownership and strengthens our bond with those whom this credit union was created for.

Service Guarantee

We guarantee courtesy, accuracy and promptness at all times. If we do not meet these standards at any time, please let us know and we will apologize, correct the issue and credit your account with $10 – no questions asked.