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B Espiritu
March 27th, 2009 at 11:40 PM
This is my review and I wish to edit it.

I’m pretty happy with my personal checking account. I especially like the fact that I could use my ATM anywhere in the world and have my surcharges refunded back to me. This worked great when I was on my trip to Europe and Australia. One thing that could use an improvement is the Bill Pay feature, which was recently upgraded (the older version worked better). But overall, I’m pretty satisfied with it.

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john colaneri
February 19th, 2009 at 07:32 PM
This is my review and I wish to edit it.

Gotta say, I really like the features of the checking/savings, but I refuse to be forced into an unwanted relationship with Visa, and frankly, without an ATM access, the account would be useless to me. Also, looks like you are a little confused about the difference between a forum, and incident tracking. Looks like all the reviews have been purged to me…

SF Fire Credit Union replied to this review:

[Response from Webmaster]

Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback and giving us the opportunity to provide additional information about our checking account.

SF Fire Credit Union has the ability to disable a Debit card from performing transactions through Visa at the member’s request. The Debit card will still display the Visa logo – the limited demand for this type of access does not justify the cost of the Credit Union having an additional card to design and keep in inventory.

The ability to perform Personal Identification Number (PIN) driven transactions would remain at retailers and ATM machines that are part of the CIRRUS, INTERLINK, CO-OP and STAR networks. Keep in mind that SF Fire Credit Union charges no fee for using ATM machines other than our own – and we also REBATE any ATM surcharges you incur within two business days. Use any ATM you want in the networks listed above at NO COST to you.

The reviews posted on this website do not go through any editorial review before going “live”, and none have been purged. This happens to be our first (non-test) post.

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