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Fee Schedule - Personal

Membership Fee—Personal

Membership (non-refundable) $5.00

ATM & Debit Fees

SF Fire Credit Union ATM No Fee
Withdrawal at any ATM No Fee (Plus surcharge rebates on first 12 ATM withdrawals per calendar month)
Point of Sale (POS) Transaction No Fee
Foreign Currency Exchange No Fee
Custom Image Card No Fee (One new image every two years, otherwise $5.00)
Replacement Card $5.00
Copy of Debit Card Transaction Slip $5.00
ATM Deposit Adjustment Fee $10.00

Checking Fees

Checking Account No Monthly Fee
Check Orders Price varies based on style
Check Orders (Age 55 and Older) Free (Basic Style is free – Price varies for other styles)
Temporary Checks (set of 12) $2.00

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees

Returned ACH Item $25.00
Returned Check Item $25.00
Paid NSF ACH Item $25.00
Paid NSF Check Item $25.00
Paid NSF Debit Card Transaction (Opt-In Required) $25.00

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Stop Payment Fees

Personal Check No Fee
ACH Payment $15.00
Official Check Replacement $15.00
Stop Pay or Replacement Cancellation $15.00

Returned Item Fees

Check Deposits $10.00
Electronic Transfers (ACH) $10.00
Loan Payments $10.00

Wire Transfers (Outgoing)

Domestic $15.00
International $60.00
Wire Amendment Fee $25.00

General Fees

Account Research/Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
Cashier’s Check No Fee
Collection Item/Foreign Item $15.00 + Cost
Express Mail/Rush/Overnight Fee (Domestic) $15.00
Express Mail/Rush/Overnight Fee (International)) Price Based on Destination
Visa Gift Card $2.00
Inactive Account Fee (After one year of inactivity, if the aggregate deposit balance is $500 or less) $3.00 per month
IRS Levy/Withholding/Judgement/Legal Order Processing $50 per notice
Money Order No Fee
Notary Service (Members) No Fee
Notary Service (Non-Members) $10 per signature
Signature Guarantee (Medallion Stamp) No Fee

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Certificates of Deposit

Term of Less than 1 Year 45-Days Dividends
Term of 1 Year or Greater 90-Days Dividends

Consumer Loan Fees

Late Payment $15.00
Loan Rate Reduction Processing $50.00


Health Savings Account (HSA) No Monthly Fee
Replacement HSA Debit Card $5.00
Custom Image Card No Fee (One new image every two years, otherwise $5.00)
Individual Retirement Account (IRA) No Monthly Fee

Credit Card Fees

Cash Advance No Fee
Balance Transfer No Fee
Foreign Currency Exchange No Fee
Late Payment Charge $15.00
Over Credit Limit No Fee
Copy of Credit Card Transaction Slip $5.00
Custom Image Card No Fee (One new image every two years, otherwise $5.00)
Authorized User Card $5.00
Replacement Card $5.00

Real Estate Mortgage

Related Charges For a complete list of charges, please contact the SF Fire Credit Union Real Estate Lending Department by calling 1 (888) 499-FIRE (3473).

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