Personal Loans Disclaimer

Rates subject to change at any time without notice.

Personal Signature Loans

1 APR = Annual Percentage Rate based on credit worthiness. Rate reflects a 0.25% discount for loan payment made by automatic transfer from a share account or payroll deduction (excluding Visa credit cards).

2 The maximum aggregate unsecured credit limit is $50,000 per member.

Secured (Savings or Certificate) Loans

Secured loans are not eligible for the 0.25% discount made by automatic transfer.

Solar Panel Loans

A signed contract for solar panel purchase is needed prior to loan funding.

This loan program is for single-family homes and the borrower must live in the property.

3 In addition to the above conditions, the following are required with regard to a contractor being used for any loan over $25,000:

  • Valid B (General Contractor) or C-46 (Solar) or C10 (Electrical) license
  • 5 years contracting experience
  • Better Business Bureau positive rating
  • Valid liability insurance document
  • Valid Workers Comp insurance document

Tax Loans

4 Tax loan funds must be disbursed by check and made payable to the tax collection entity. Disbursement checks will be sent to the member’s mailing address.*