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Coin Deposit Machines

Do you have a piggy bank that’s ready to burst, or a bag of change that you’d like to deposit into your account?

CoinStar® machines are up and running at our California Street, Mint Plaza and Stonestown branches and are available during regular business hours.

How Does it Work?

CoinStar® machines quickly count up your coins and provide you with a receipt that can either be redeemed for cash or the amount can be deposited into your account. (Cash and deposit Coinstar® transactions can only be conducted in a SF Fire Credit Union branch by one of our tellers.)

Are There Any Fees?

The machines are FREE for SF Fire Credit Union members, and a fee of 10% will be deducted for non-members.

What Members are Saying

“I happen to glance over my shoulder, and I saw the CoinStar® machine which brought a smile to my face (it was FREE).... I thought, ‘This was the best financial institution that I ever had the pleasure to experience…’ Kudos to you and your staff for an excellent job, Keep Rockin.” –SF Fire Credit Union Member (September 2011)