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Online Scams & Identity Protection

Online Scams and Solicitations

“Junk” email has become a fact of life in the online world. Nowadays, there are methods that can stop junk email before it reaches your email account.

However, there is the occasional email that manages to avoid being filtered. Often this email will include some emergency notice requiring your immediate attention. In order to respond, you must click on a link embedded in the email to either fix the problem right away, or contact the sender.

This method, known as “phishing,” is becoming more and more sophisticated to the point where some of these “false” emails (which look very authentic) will send you to a website that looks exactly like a legitimate website (such as a financial institution).

PLEASE NOTE: SF Fire Credit Union will never send you an email asking for your member or personal information (such as Social Security Number, date of birth, etc) or have you login immediately to your account.

Identity Protection

Take these measures to reduce the risk of online identity theft:

  • Review your statements monthly (paper or online)
  • Always follow-up on calls about account information
  • Never give account information to anyone over the telephone unless you have initiated the call
  • Verify numbers or email addresses before replying
  • Avoid responding to appeals of hardship or money laundering (also known as “Nigerian letters”)