Online Banking Security

When a member uses our Online Banking service, SF Fire Credit Union will always be on top of the latest security features.

Some of the security features of Online Banking include:

Multi-Factor Authentication

This authentication is a multi-step process used to verify your identity when you login to Online Banking. Multi-Factor Authentication creates layers of verification by having you select, or by creating your own, challenge questions. The process is explained in depth in Online Banking.

Password Violations Lockouts

After entering an incorrect password beyond a specified number of times, your account access will be denied. When this happens, you will have to call the Credit Union to have the violation block removed.


This protects our internal computers from the outside forces of the Internet. The Online Banking server is located behind the firewall so your information is always secure.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Encrypts the data – up to 128 bit security – the maximum allowed by law (40 bit security still not compromised). All account information is always encrypted.


Online Banking does use “cookies” as part of our security. The “cookie” does not contain any confidential information about your account, but it does keep track of your activity and your current sign-on status. Every time you request a new page, your browser sends the “cookie” back to our server for verification, and then our server updates your computer with a new “cookie.” This is just one of the ways we protect your account information.

Inactive Session Timeout

After ten (10) minutes of inactivity, Online Banking will automatically sign you off.

Individual Passwords

Never give out your password. – If you feel that your password has been compromised, change it online or call our Call Center.