Stimulus Package Mortgage Relief

“Making Home Affordable Plan” offers little relief to Californians

Contribution Limits for IRAs and Health Savings Accounts in 2009

2009 Election Results and Art McIntyre Scholarship Winners Announced at Annual Meeting

Visa Credit & Debit Card Breach

Supervisory Committee Election

Winner Announced at Annual Meeting

Home Ownership in Today's Economy

The current headlines regarding the housing market can be overwhelming, and certainly raise questions for those who own or are considering the purchase of a home. While every member has a unique circumstance and perspective, there are several key points that should be considered by all.

Santa Visit and Bake Sale for Toy Program

Over $1000 raised in bake sale for Toy Program. Santa hears many requests for Christmas gifts.

Your Deposit Insurance

Up to $500,000 per individual account provided by American Share Insurance

The Impact on You and Your Credit Union

It’s important to understand the prominence of these topics in the media – and the problems they are reporting – are primarily related to the for-profit financial services sector and not Credit Unions. We realize that members might wonder what this means to them and their Credit Union.

New Website Launched

Our objectives were to create a website that provides enhanced and relevant information that is easy to navigate and user-friendly.