Grow Your Stache for Cash - Now Through Nov 6th

Now through November 6th you too can join Berkeley Firefighters Random Acts in growing your mustache to help raise money for Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation's Champ Camp.

How Does This Work?

You can fall into one of many roles in this fundraiser:

Mustache Grower: Commit to shave your face September 22nd and let it grow through November 6th. As the world around you wonders what you are doing with that soul patch on your upper lip, explain to them that you are helping raise money for Champ Camp, a camp for children who have survived burn injuries.

The minimum Pledge Goal for each Grower should be $100.00 to Berkeley Firefighters Random Acts but in no way should anyone be discouraged from participating in the contest because he doesn't think he can make the Pledge Goal - $5 or $500, it goes to a good cause.

Sponsor: Simply pick your favorite mustache grower and donate in their name. You can use the donate button on their website or send a check to Berkeley Firefighters Random Acts at: Berkeley Random Acts of Kindness, 1930 Shattuck Ave. Suite B, Berkeley Ca. 94704 c/o Dori Tieu

Party-Goer: Come to Pizzaiolo (5008 Telegraph, Oakland) and attend the Fundraiser Finale, enjoy live music and the unveiling of mustaches. All proceeds from drink sales and cover will be donated to Champ Camp.

For More Information

Please visit to learn more about Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation's Champ Camp how you can help the Berkeley Firefighters Random Acts reach their $20,000 fundraising goal.

Grow Your Stache for Cash Poster