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Managing Finances Just Got Easier - Track Spending and Budgets in Online Banking

It’s important to keep track of your finances, especially in today’s economy. We’re always trying to make life easier, and are adding more to Online Banking to help do just that.

1.) Ability to View Pending Debit & Credit Card Transactions

Ever wonder why your BALANCE and AVAILABLE balance don’t always ‘match’? Many times that’s due to pending debit & credit card transactions which haven’t posted to your account yet. Online Banking will alert you when these pending transactions exist and allow you to view the details.

2.) Ability to Track Your Spending

Ever wonder how much money you spend on coffee, groceries, or dining out? The Track Spending tool helps you get a better understanding of your finances by allowing you to:

  • See how you’re spending money in different categories such as ‘Entertainment’, ‘Groceries’, ‘Restaurants’, and others which you can create yourself
  • Create budgets for each category and track how well you are sticking to them

3.) Advanced Search Tool

Looking for things just got a lot easier. This new tool allows you to search for transactions in a variety of ways, including :

  • Date: “This Week”, “Last Week”, “July”
  • Amount: “Over * 100”, “Near 200”, “Over 500 Under 1000”
  • Key Word: “Starbucks”, “Costco”, “Safeway”
  • Combinations: “Starbucks Over 10”, “Costco Last Week”, “Safeway Near 100”