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Blast from the Past: Firefighters from 1962 Identified!

A special thanks to Jerry Grey, Joan Kelly, Bill Parry, Joseph Scannell and everyone else who helped us identify the 1962 Board of Directors!

We’re still not sure who firefighters #4 and #9 are…. do you? This photo is of the Board of Directors of SF Fire Credit Union and was taken in January 1962.

Board of Directors circa 1962
Please CLICK HERE for larger version

1.) Jake Palu, 2.) Bob Mohn, 3.) Frank Flaherty, 4.) , 5.) Leo Shapiro – Father of California Credit Unions, 6.) Bill Norman, 7.) Larry Kelly, 8.) Ed Erlwin, 9.) , 10.) Keith Calden, 11.) Art McIntyre, 12.) Al Latour