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The Financial Cooperative Difference

Impacting the Financial Lives of Members

SF Fire Credit Union is devoted to serving our members best interests. We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings in 1951, operating out of a cash box at Engine 17, to our wide-ranging products, services and access—including our newly expanded seven day-a-week call center. In today’s economic environment it’s easy to forget the benefits of membership in a financial cooperative, where the participation of each and every member results in mutually beneficial rewards versus the huge profits generated by banks for the benefit of their shareholders.

Returning Value to Members

The fundamental principal of any financial cooperative is that by pooling resources, everyone benefits. At SF Fire, our mission is to operate with efficiency and return as much of our earnings as possible to members in the form of affordable loan rates, lower fees and higher returns on deposits. This simple formula means that when more members use the full range of products available to them, the better the benefit to everyone; conversely, if members only chose to participate with a single product or cause any form of a loss, all members will share the burden of more fees and less than market-leading rates.

Working for the Benefit of Our Members

Whether it is setting up a plan to assist you in growing your savings, buying your first home or paying down your debt, we are here to help. Today’s tough economy could be placing some of our members under financial duress, and we want to work with you to help you succeed now, and in the future.

Paying You More. Charging You Less.

SF Fire Credit Union Ranked #1 Nationwide

SF Fire maintains national leadership position among credit unions when measured on returning high value to members in terms of products, services and pricing.* The methodology used to determine ranking is based on a calculation that takes into account a credit union’s performance in comparison to other credit unions.

Return to Member** SF Fire Credit Union All Other Credit Unions
Average Savings Rate 3.48% 2.49%
Average Loan Rate 5.67% 6.61%
Percent Income from Fees 5.01% 12.94%

( * Callahan & Associates, Inc., May 2009. * * Based on Callahan & Associates, Inc., quarterly data from December 2008.)