How to Get the Best Deal on Your Next Vehicle

Come Prepared

Before you step foot on the car lot, gather the following information:

  1. Fair Market Value of the vehicle(s) you are interested in
  2. Trade-In Value of your vehicle
  3. Your Credit Score

Bring a Friend

Shopping alone makes it easy for the salesman to establish rapport – the key to “making the sale”; A friend can make it difficult for the dealer to use aggressive sales techniques.

Keep Your Trade-In Decision to Yourself

Negotiate the best deal possible on your new vehicle before letting them know you’re going to be trading-in. This way the dealer can’t pad the purchase price of your new vehicle to make up for a great trade-in offer.

Inspect Before You Buy

When shopping for a used car, take your potential purchase to a mechanic for inspection. The $75 – $100 cost could save you thousands in unexpected future repairs.

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