Your Deposit Insurance

American Share Insurance (ASI) is a non-profit corporation that provides primary and excess share or deposit insurance exclusively to Credit Unions. They insure each and every SF Fire Credit Union account of an individual member up to $500,000—without limitation to the number or nature of accounts held.

This coverage is comprised of $250,000 in “Primary Share” insurance with an additional $250,000 in “Excess Share” insurance. An example of how deposits at SF Fire are covered is illustrated in the table below:

Member Holding ASI Coverage
Regular Savings $500,000
Checking $500,000
Money Market $500,000
Holiday Savings $500,000
6-Month Term Certificate $500,000
1-Year Term Certificate $500,000
Total Insured $3,000,000

American Share Insurance (ASI) Insurance Facts

  • No Credit Union member has ever lost money in an ASI-insured credit union.
  • ASI is owned by Credit Unions and only insures Credit Unions. Currently, over 1.5 million individual consumers belong to Credit Unions insured by ASI.
  • ASI is selective as to who it insures. Not all Credit Unions that apply for coverage are accepted due to ASI’s strict underwriting standards.
  • ASI’s insured Credit Unions hold little or no sub-prime mortgages, as confirmed by their numerous on-site field examinations.
  • Like the Credit Unions it insures, ASI is safe and sound. The company’s equity ratio of 1.49% is greater than that reported by federal deposit insurance funds.
  • ASI is not assigned a traditional insurance industry rating by companies like A.M. Best or Standard and Poor’s due to the limited number of companies in our industry. Financial data and other information are supplied to the key rating services annually for their review and analysis.
  • ASI’s balance sheet exhibits solid characteristics with 25% invested in cash and cash equivalents, 70% in U.S. government-guaranteed agency bonds and US Treasuries, and 5% in other assets (certificates of deposit, accounts receivable, building and other fixed assets).
  • ASI does not hold any collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs) or any of the types of exotic investments that created the need for the $700 billion bailout of AIG, Goldman Sachs and other investment firms in early October 2008, nor does it insure or guarantee the performance of such securities to any parties.
  • The ASI insurance fund provides our Credit Union with a strong, high-quality program that can sustain regardless of changes in economic conditions—a program that members can trust and rely upon.

Who is American Share Insurance?

The American Share Insurance (ASI) is a non-profit corporation that provides primary and excess share or deposit insurance exclusively to credit unions. Accounts are not insured or guaranteed by any Government or Government-sponsored agency.

ASI has been providing deposit insurance to credit unions since 1974. More than one million credit union members are insured under ASI’s insurance programs. In its 34 years of operation no member of an ASI-insured credit union has ever lost money in an ASI-insured account.

About American Share Insurance

American Share Insurance (ASI) is dual-regulated by the Ohio Department of Insurance and Commerce. Also, credit union examiners from each state in which ASI operates are invited to participate in a thorough annual exam of the company conducted by the Ohio Department of Commerce. The Ohio Department of Insurance conducts a cyclical statutory examination of ASI and a “big four” auditing firm annually certifies ASI’s financial statements.

ASI’s audited financial statements are available upon request from ASI by phone 800.521.6342. You can also submit your questions via e-mail at